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Measure and boost employee productivity by capturing & analysing activities in real-time. TeamOB is an end-to-end organisational intelligence & data analysis tool available with set of features to view real time dashboard, time tracking, instant messenger and business intelligence reports


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Best-in-class Time Tracking And Team Monitoring Features

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Team Scheduling

  • Plan

  • Schedule

  • Collaborate

  • Manage


Time Tracking

  • Screen & Webcam Capture

  • Applicatio & Website Tracking


Team Monitoring

  • Real Time Dashboard

  • Monitor Team Performance

  • Incident Alert

  • Protect sensitive data


Attendance Management

  • Remote Attendance management

  • Link Biometric

  • Schedule attendance report to inbox

  • Get active vs Idle time



  • Automatic Timesheet

  • Add manual time

  • Add break & meetings


Webinar and Meetings

  • Webinar

  • Instant Meetings

  • Collaborate with team


Performance report

  • Department productivity report

  • Team productivity report

  • User productivity report

  • Intelligence for managers & users



  • Employee performance report

  • Time tracking report

  • Attendance management report

  • Bi report

  • Incident report

  • Productive applications report

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For Business

  • Team Monitoring

  • Employee Productivity analysis.

  • Employee Time Tracking

  • Real Time Activity Tracking.

  • Employee Attendance Report.

  • Employee Time sheet.

  • Instant Messenger For Team

  • Business Analytics For Management

  • Compare Productivity Trends Of Department & Team

  • Setup Webinar & Meetings

  • Analyse Organisational Documents

For Users

  • Log Your work. Update the Organisation in Real Time.

  • Measure Your Efforts on Daily/Weekly or Monthly Basis.

  • No More “guesstimates” For New Quotes.

  • Easy Access of Daily Performance Data

  • Automatic Time Sheet


  • TeamOB Office For Windows

  • TeamOB Office For Linux

  • TeamOB Office For Mac

  • TeamOB Office On Cloud

  • Citrix

  • AWS

  • Vmwares

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Software To Monitor & Manage Remote Teams.

    • Easy employee time tracking

    • Stress-free work monitoring

    • Online time-sheets you can trust

    • Real time monitoring

    • Employee digital activity tracking

    • Employee attendance report

    • In built business intelligence tool

    • Identify performers

    • Custom reports

    • Attendance report

    • Built-in task management

    • Instant messenger for team

    • Audio, video calls among team

    • Conduct online scrums

Remote Team Management Using Time Tracking Software


Why It is Required ?

In an average business owners spend around 40 to 60% of its operational budget on man power. Organizations seek to fill their recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible but most of time they overlook to identify the delivery capacity of existing teams. This result increase in cost on organization.

Another good reason is from human resource. Teams performance is critical to the overall success of the company. Business leaders need to understand the key benefits of teams performance so that they can develop consistent and objective methods for evaluating teams. Although performance evaluations are never fun.

How It Will Help?

Organizations put more efforts to generate new business and increase profit but in comparison think less to optimize the cost and increase profitability. This happen due to lack of bottom level data not available in format of quick and useful reports. Team manager tracks all organized and unorganized work done by individual and help management to

  • Identify the capability of individual

  • View actual manpower cost vs estimated cost

  • Use the data within other systems eg HRM, CRM to generate analytical reports

  • Help individual employee to improve

  • Help management in their process to find performers

  • Optimize hiring cost



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Sanjivani Gautam Sanyal

SGSites, India

Absolutely love this! TeamOB helped us to monitor the team. Our productivity has doubled.

Bjorn Ove

Egoria, Norway

I run online business. I found it difficult to manage my remote and inhouse teams. Thank you very much TeamOB. You made my life more easier. We are now more organized and getting important insights in just a click.

Prashant Agrawal

Myweb, India

Tips To Manage Remote Team


Adopt Time Tracking culture in your business

Time tracking is a cornerstone of any business process. It helps uses keep on track of their work and time. Even though we hate them, deadlines are a reality, and it is necessary to complete a project on time. Time monitoring tools help to set completion deadlines for the developer. Your employees can track their working hours every single day, specifying what they spent the hours on, and it allows you to compile reports and see what they were doing. With the help of these reports, you can easily see if someone is spending more hours on a task that they should and take this matter under control. You can also see if they regularly report excess hours and commit overtime abuse without any request to work those overtime hours. You can also track the project’s progress by time element like daily, weekly and month or set budgets per project. By using timesheet, which centralizes all recorded billable hours we can manage invoices for the clients.

Moreover, time reports allow you to see how productive your team and employees are, it makes the process of wage calculations easier and can offer a lot of additional features. For example, if your employees are working shifts, some time tracking software can be customized to reflect that. You can also set up your vacation/days off/sick leaves reporting and registration through the time tracking software and employ many various analytics. It is a great tool and it is vital to any business process.


Increase Productivity of Your Remote Team

It is possible for employees to get stuck while trying to work on an issue and end up wasting a lot of valuable work time. It is also possible that they may not be able to figure out how to accomplish a task because of lack of coordination with other team members working remotely. Recording and analyzing detailed time logs of employees helps you understand if any such situation is arising and tasks can be then assigned in a more efficient way.

Time tracking also helps employees to stay more focused since they are more alert about their time being monitored. It also highlights any unnecessary activities leading to time being misused. This makes employees feel more responsible and highly increases their productivity levels.


How our clients get the benefits from Time Tracking Software?

The Time Tracking software presents innumerable points of benefits for business.The foremost ideal is to approach to outmatch potency and productivity. The Time Tracking software helps clients to properly bill and draft invoices to pay their team members on time and track productivity for ongoing projects. It’s ideal for understanding all the additional extras that increases budgets.

Time tracking software shows quality improvements by following a streamlined workflow and provides transparency to the working environment.

Time Tracking is very helpful for client as it provides cost efficient delivery on all the activities. It provides ability to reflect and adapt accordingly. It also provides business as well as personal insights for time spent. These insights are automatically generated through real-time reporting by the software. It is presented in a visual manner directly in the system which helps clients to get, the deeper objective to look into your business to act upon.


Review employee digital activity performances

Benefit of time tracking is the ability to measure the output of work done by remote teams. It helps employers to decide if the employees assigned to a particular project are able to do justice to it.

Time tracking helps managers review individual employee capabilities based on their work performance. It’s useful too, for the remote team members to see how they are contributing to a project and can highlight any issues they may need to work on.


Communicate regularly with your remote team?

You are the manager and your team work in an office, but now your team will go to work remotely. That's means, now you have questions like.. How do I help my team transition to remote work? How do I support my remote team? And how do I know that they are doing their work?

Here are the following ways, that you can manage your remote team.

Required Systems: Check that your remote team has redundant systems to work with.

Expectations from a remote team: Be clear with your team about your expectations of working remotely. The clearer you are, the less misunderstandings will occurs and the work will be on track. What are the expected working hours? What are the priority tasks? What kind of reporting will be required? This should questioned and answered between you and your remote team.

Conduct webinars / online meetings: Establish daily meetings with your remote team to ensure they are still connected. Use virtual technologies as much as possible to See the employee's faces and listen to responsible audio related to their work. Organize webinar sessions weekly. Communicate with your team by sending an email, instant message or by picking up the phone. Provide incentives. Show your confidence to your team by saying phrases like, "This is tough, but I know we can handle it." or "We have got this."

Trust the remote team: Setting clear expectations at the beginning will help with this.

Maintain Performance management: Quickly resolve issues with a phone call. Allow flexibility for remote team, so that they can work according to their schedule as in such cases employees work more than expected hours. Provide regular feedback to your team. Manage a video call, audio call, instant messaging one that will connect you more closely with your remote team and stay on track.

Provide opportunities to connect with remote social interactions: People working remotely are like isolated and lonely, so communicate with them by celebrating birthdays, working anniversary.


Set clear objectives for given task and avoid to do multitasking

Clarity on goals is very important because goals provide people with the drive to do the best they can do. If you are working on certain projects without understanding what you want to achieve or what you need to contribute, you can never expect positive results. Projects can take on more meaning and purpose if initiated with a goal in sight.

Setting clear goals for employees is the most important part of creating a positive work culture. Even if you plan a lot of activities or add perks, if workers do not have guidance on tasks they need to perform, they would never be satisfied and the deadlines would always stress them.

Talking about deadlines, companies have now started to make efficient use of resources and are striving to make multitasking effective for workers.

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