IT Inventory

Maximizing RoI and minimizing risk through better control over the IT assets

TeamOB - IT Inventory help organizations in effective management of IT assets, gain visibility and control over your IT assets and costs


Discover, Manage, and Track All Your Hardware Assets.

  • Automatic scan of all your Windows, Linux and Mac devices, VMs through a simple agent on periodic basis.

  • Get comprehensive informations like hardware specification, software installed, scan history in a single pane of glass.

  • Get your servers with hosted websites

Manage Software and Ensure Compliance. Sail Through Audits Easily.

  • Improve software governance by monitoring software used and number of installations

  • Track over licensed, under licensed, and compliant software to ensure software license compliance.

  • Schedule Automated Scans. Stay Up to Date on Asset Information.


IT Inventory Feature Checklist

  • Agent based scan

  • Discover all your Windows,Ubuntu & Mac machines

  • Maintain scan logs

  • Download logs

  • Automatic Inventory For Software, OS & Processors

  • Find out devices with open wifi security.

The Agent-based Asset Discovery Technique

    • Offers visibility by providing an in depth view of your IT environment. It plays a vital role in helping an organization define and control its IT infrastructure, from scratch.

    • Helps your organization stay compliant, gear up for audits, and reduce legal and security risks.

    • Reduces unwanted IT spending by optimizing asset usage and controlling IT asset purchases.

    • Can be used to selectively scan individual workstations that have undergone a change.

    • Manage software and licenses in one place

    • Scan and identify all your existing license details and deployments. Learn what type of licenses you own, when they will expire, and if they are linked to any contracts.

    • Ensure software compliance by either purchasing new licenses or deleting existing software applications

How IT Inventory Works?


Best Practice In IT Inventory Management


Scheduled Scan


Gain control over all hardware and software inventory


Stay on top of IT purchases


Manage all your software license investments


Track software usage and compliance


Identify open security networks and protect your data

Why IT Inventory/ IT Asset Management matters?

There are two main objectives of IT Inventory.

1) IT Inventory Operational requirements

2) IT inventory Regulatory and Security

IT Inventory Operational requirements includes operations and tracking focus, provides support for functions like asset discovery and identification. Helps in end user satisfaction and performance. Whereas IT inventory Regulatory and Security includes procurement, compliance and regulatory, financial accountability, optimization of IT asset cost and use, scalability and strategy to grow business.

IT Inventory Management Repository:

Basically, When asset request take place, request management verify the request and purchased the asset required. When the asset received, its get identified. In these steps, IT Inventory/ IT Asset management plays a vital role to discover tools.

In case, If Asset manager is not able to calculate the asset availability and performance, or cost of ownership and cost allocation for asset, security regulatory and compliance, end user experience, how to scale the business, IT Inventory management software will helps to solve all these problems.

Benefit of IT Inventory/ IT Asset Management

An effective IT Inventory/ IT Asset management practice will give your business a clearer picture of the volume and type of asset already owned, making it easier to plan for the future.

1. Cost/Time Savings by effective deployment of assets.
2. Improved regulatory compliance.
3. Improved reliability.
4. Faster Mean Time to Restore Services.
5. Control of your IT environment.
6. Good business practice.
7. IT Inventory / IT Asset management results in better decisions. Long Term System Integrity.
8. Eligibility for federal funding.

IT Inventory/ IT Asset Management Processes

IT Inventory/ IT Asset Management processes includes:

Financial Management for IT asset.
IT Asset requisition.
IT Asset procurement.
Software License Management
Inventory Asset

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