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Attendance Management Of Remote Team

Organisations are preparing to offer work from home options for their employees. For these organisations, attendance must be streamlined and managed effectively despite their remote workforce. Tracking attendance manually for remote employees is a difficult task. TeamOB - Remote team attendance management help organisations to effectively capture login, logout time along with employee total works hrs, active time and idle time.

    • Real time dashboard

    • Check presence report of your team anywhere & anytime

    • Easy visual report to compare work time, active time and idle time

    • Excel export

    • Schedule report to receive in your inbox at specified time.

Generates Insightful Reports

Online attendance management systems provide various reports based on the available attendance data. By better understanding the attendance trend of your remote employees, you will be able to find if the remote work option is effective for your business. You will be able to understand attendance issues (if there are any) and take the necessary steps to improve your organization’s productivity. Also, analytics and reports related to attendance will help you understand if your employee’s productivity has increased or decreased while working from home.


Using a cloud-based attendance management system, remote employees can record their working hours without any hassles. When the attendance data of all your employees is present in a central location, payroll processing becomes much easier. You can import the attendance data of TeamOB and use it within your payroll system.

How TeamOB Attendance Report Works?

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