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Attendance Management Of Remote Team

TeamOB - Cloud-based solution for tracking remote attendance. View real time dashboard. Organisations are preparing to offer work from home options for their employees. For these organisations, attendance must be streamlined and managed effectively despite their remote workforce. Tracking attendance manually for remote employees is a difficult task. TeamOB - Remote team attendance management help organisations to effectively capture login, logout time along with employee total works hrs, active time and idle time.

Remote Team

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Features of Attendance Management Software

  • Real Time Dashboard

    Get detail info on your Real time dashboard

  • Check Report

    Check presence report of your team anywhere & anytime

  • Visual Report

    Easy visual report to compare work time, active time and idle time

  • Download attendance

    Download attendance report in csv format.

  • Schedule Report

    Schedule report to receive in your inbox at specified time.

  • Employee Overview

    Get employee overview at a time

Available to install on all operating systems

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    Available for Windows

  • linux

    Available for Linux

  • Mac

    Available for Mac

Generates Insightful Reports

  • Get overview of employee

    Online attendance management systems provide various reports based on the available attendance data. By better understanding the attendance trend of your remote employees, you will be able to find if the remote work option is effective for your business. You will be able to understand attendance issues (if there are any) and take the necessary steps to improve your organization’s productivity. Also, analytics and reports related to attendance will help you understand if your employee’s productivity has increased or decreased while working from home.
  • Cloud based Attendance System

    Using a cloud-based attendance management system, remote employees can record their working hours without any hassles. When the attendance data of all your employees is present in a central location, payroll processing becomes much easier. You can import the attendance data of TeamOB and use it within your payroll system.
Generate report

Generate attendance management report with easy way.

Recent Posts

The Perfect Way to Introduce Attendance Management Systems for Your Remote

With remote work taking precedence over the last year and a half, there’s been plenty of room for the fluidity of work. However, with this day in and out subjecting oneself to remote working, it can be hard to ascertain one’s productivity and keeping a steady head on one’s shoulders trying to stay on top of deadlines and meeting them. In such a situation, mid-level to high-level enterprises opt to take the route of indulging their employees to get fast with the implementation and use of an attendance system for remote employees. However, making a smooth transition in implementing this system for attendance management for remote teams is important so as not to create any fury among employees. Adjusting to even a small change in the way their work from home schedule functions needs to be taken with utmost precaution as a tip in their act of balance does infuriate employees, further causing an issue in the long run.

How we work
How to use teamob BI Report to increase productivity?

In the Teamob software, you can find feature to manage the attendance of your remote employees. Teamob Attendance Management provides option to maintenance attendance of remote employees and generate attendance report for monthly and period basis.
You can export this report as in the CSV file.
Steps to use Teamob Attendance Management:
1. Login to Teamob tool.
2. Create your remote employees.
3. Install Teamob tool in your remote employees' machines which employees uses to work.
4. On auto login mode for users.
5. On each day, the desktop login and logout time will be captured.
6. From Attendance Report, generate reports for a particular user.
7. Click on export option to download the CSV file.

increase productivity
TeamOB Attendance Management Software