Employee Monitoring And

Time Tracking Software

About TeamOB


TeamOB - Office provides employee productivity monitoring through time tracking software.

Teamob is an end-to-end organisational intelligence tool.

The primary goal of TeamOB - Office is to optimise human cost and help management to reduce expenses without compromising existing workflow.

  • In an average business owners spend around 40 to 60% of its operational budget on man power. Organizations seek to fill their recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible but most of time they overlook to identify the delivery capacity of existing team. This result increase in cost on organization.

  • Employee performance is critical to the overall success of the company. Business leaders need to understand the key benefits of employee performance so that they can develop consistent and objective methods for evaluating employees. Although performance evaluations are never fun.

  • Organizations follow some kind of best practices to schedule and manage work but not for everything. There are number of activities an individual employee perform which is not accountable.




  • Organizations put more efforts to generate new business and increase profit but in comparison think less to optimize the cost and increase profitability. This happen due to lack of bottom level data not available in format of quick and useful reports.


TeamOB - Office tracks all work done by individual and help management to -

Monitor remote employees

■ Identify the capability of individual

■ Identify capability of Team

■ Data theft alert

■ Use the data within other systems eg HRM, CRM to generate reports

■ Help individual employee to improve

■ Optimize hiring cost


How it Works


Record activity of whole working day by taking random screens, webcam and applications


TeamOB engine summarize all recorded time as per users assignment


Produce various analytical reports which can be further used by different departments

Frontend Features

Desktop Tool

  • Available for windows, linux, Mac

  • Random Snap capture of screen (You can configure frequency. It can be 20 sec to XX mins)

  • Webcam image capture (This is also configurable. You can turn ON/OFF this feature)

  • Audio recording of calls made using any software

  • Read Keyboard and mouse hits

  • Record time spent on selected task and application

  • If internet is not available. It will work offline

  • Running application & Website URL tracking

  • Task change reminder every 30 mins (You can configure the frequency)

Backend System

  • Separate cloud based environment with SSL protection

  • Access role (Admin, Department head, User)

  • Team Room (To view all online users, their screen and webcam images along with total hrs, idle time and break time)

  • Automatic timesheet

  • Users Workdiary (View historical snaps. Upto 40 days along with activity report)

  • Attendance report

  • Team productivity report

  • Users performance report

Backend Features


  • Define rules to get an alert when unauthorized activity happens

  • Define rule to exclude tracking of sensitive activity eg visiting of Banking sites.

Schedule tasks

  • Schedule tasks to team members

  • Set task priority

  • Automatic email communication on new task or replies

  • Set due date

  • View estimated vs spent hours

  • Import/Export of tasks from excel

  • Task Reports

Communication System

  • Text, Audio and video chat among team members

  • Meeting room

We Offer Solutions

  1. Use your own domain/subdomain to access the backed system

  2. Your logo

  3. Store the snaps on your own server. (You will provide the access of your server or AWS S3 bucket)

  4. We will generate 2 custom reports free of cost as per your organisations need (This will be subject of data available in system). Further customization will be available on paid service.


  1. We create separate environment for each customer to host the snaps and database.

  2. We provide SSL protected unique sub domain to each customer.

  3. Regular backup and upgrade are managed by our dedicated team.

  4. We also offer on premise deployment.

We Offer Two installation models


  1. Hosted on our secure cloud environment

  2. Snaps can be stored on your own location eg S3 bucket, google drive

  3. API access. You can use the data in your other applications.

  4. No Setup cost

  5. 24 X 7 Email and phone support

On Premise

  1. Deploy the system on your own server

  2. Server should have below configuration

■ CPU: 8 Cores

■ RAM: 16GB


■ OS: Ubuntu Server

  1. Server will be maintained by you

  2. Apart from subscription fee one time setup cost will be applicable.


14 Days Free Trial

We believe to sale solutions. We understand that each business has its unique need and hence we will work closely to enhance the system to fit your requirement. Contact us to setup your free account. No upfront payment required.