Run a profitable Call Center

Manage and monitor your call center agent activities to increase their performance. With the help of Teamob Call Center Software run your business more effectively by increasing productivity.

Improve the Service Quality of your Call Center Agents

Increase the efficiency of your Call Center team by team performance based on calls, tasks and deadlines.

  • Get full report of Call Center team performance and track work efficiency through a dynamic real-time dashboard.
  • Use behavioral insights to understand how to make your Call Center agents team productive.
  • Optimize your Call Center agents team performance by keep tracking productivity works daily, weekly or monthly.

Monitor your Call Center Agents Performance

TeamOB Call Center Agents monitoring software provides the power to improve your call center team performance by utilizing their time to deliver proper work.

  • Track your agents call efficiency, duration and quotas.
  • Breakdown large daily support call list of customer within other agents to let them work efficiently and helps in increase the productivity.
monitor call center

Teamob Features

  • Team Scheduling


  • Time Tracking


  • Workroom


  • Online Timesheet


  • Attendance


  • Monthly Report


  • Performance report


  • Reports


Improve Service Quality of Virtual Team

virtual team

Virtual employee monitoring provides the power to improve your virtual team performance by utilizing their time to deliver work.

  • Track your employees app and website usage to prevent time.
  • Break large projects task into small tasks which will helps your employee to work efficiently and deliver quality product and increase the productivity.
  • Check if the employee is having workload, in such case provides support from another team member to reduce workload.
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