Teamob integrates with BIM software

Teamob when integrates with BIM software, tracks time of the team that spends on their each projects works. Teamob is a employee monitoring software, which tracks time for architects which will show another perspective of BIM Model.

Advantages with BIM Model

Business Intelligence Model of TeamOB

Time Standardization

Through Teamob, you’ll be able to receive regular reports and standardize average time needed for any task on the list.

Increase Growth

With Teamob, you can optimize project work, so that your team can complete projects within deadlines, which auto leads to growth of organization.


Creating and distributing tasks to team will help you create exact BIM execution plans for projects.

bim advantages

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Growth in Team’s Efficiency

Teamob helps you to gain deeper insights on how your employees spend their working hours whichever apps they’re using. You can generate reports that can let you know employees and organizational productivity.


Timeline shows employees’ working hours, including their active times, breaks, manually added hours and overtime.

Apps and Websites

The apps and websites your employees are using during working hours and how much time they’re spending using them. Get to know, how app and website usage affects their working and productivity.


Can be generate all employees report such as department, attendance, performance, etc.


In Supported Operating Systems

  • windows
  • mac


  • citrix
  • vmware

BI Integrations

  • Egoria
  • Gel
  • Hype
  • Shoutout
  • Hogman
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