Increase Accountability

Teamob insurance employee monitoring software makes your team more productive, accountable and profitable

Teamob Features

Team Scheduling

Time Tracking


Online Timesheet


Monthly Report

Performance report


Improve and measure the Performance of Your Team

Get Productivity Insights

Discover the root cause of low or high productivity levels by understanding which apps and websites your team uses during work hours and the impact they have on all aspects of performance.

Optimize Performance

Pinpoint ways to improve your processes and activities to increase productivity. Cut down time spent on unproductive activities and optimize processes to speed up claim processing and sales processes.

Ensure Productivity Regardless of Location

Office Employees

Teamob works great in the office environment. It helps you keep track of everyone’s work without having to look over their shoulder every minute of the day.

Work From Home Employees

Whether team members work remotely all the time or just occasionally, Teamob ensures they stay productive without direct supervision by tracking activity remotely.