TeamOB for Healthcare

Healthcare activity monitoring software that increases data security, simplifies compliance and enhances organizational efficiency.

Productivity with Healthcare Industry and Monitoring Reports

Created For Healthcare Industry

Teamob specifically designed for the operational, security and compliance needs of healthcare organizations.

Monitoring Reports

Teamob works great in the office environment. It helps you keep track of everyone’s work without having to look over their shoulder every minute of the day.

Improve Work Efficiency in Healthcare

Teamob makes improving productivity in healthcare simple by minimizing inefficient administration and optimizing organizational structures.

Identify bottlenecks in Teamob that cause backlogs, increase data risks and hinder your team’s care-giving performance.

Improve teamwork across teams and departments with data-rich reports and insights that reveal how your staff can better collaborate.

Better manage and allocate company resources with healthcare timesheets and by tracking time against projects, tasks and activities.

Teamob Features

Team Scheduling

Time Tracking


Online Timesheet


Monthly Report

Performance report