Restaurant Billing SYSTEM

Online restaurant billing and inventory management system to simplify operations and maximize profits.

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With Multi Store & Cloud kitchen Support

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Cloud POS

  • Manage all your stores at one place

  • Bar code printing & scan

  • Digital receipt

  • Customize as per your business need

Works offline for sales process

  • Create sales offline

  • Sync of sales data to cloud in background

  • Reprint the sales document

  • Send SMS

  • Manage customer wallet

Inventory management

  • Manage sale, return, receiving and damage

  • Transfer of stock from one store to another

  • Configure sub items

  • Easy process to take stock

Simple accounting

  • Make entry of receipts

  • Make entry of payments

  • Reconcile bank statement

  • View Ledger

Petty cash

  • Configure expense categories

  • Register your day to day expenses

  • Keep track on in and out

Cashiers & Managers

  • Create multiple accounts for your staff

  • Manage user level permission

  • Restaurant Management


  • Sales report

  • Inventory report

  • Easy GST Calculation

  • Invoice report

  • Store wise sales summary


Setup Fee : Rs 20,000 15,555 /-

Renewal : 8190/- Yearly

  • Access from anywhere

  • Link ingredients with products

  • Offline sales page

  • Easy GST & other financial reports

  • Inventory management

  • Kitchen KOT

  • Cash sale verification

  • Free email and phone support