Admin Dashboard

Real time data. View snaps, webcam, activity and running applications.

Schedule Tasks

Create tasks, Schedule among team members, Update status, Reports

Desktop Tool For Users

Available for windows, Mac, Linux. Takes snap of users computer and upload to server.


View Snaps


Content and email filter. Get email alerts when incident happens.


Online timesheet, Attendance report, Monthly report, Performance report

User Reports

User Reports includes work report and presence report.

Client Reports

Client Reports includes projects, developer, tracked time, locked time, productive apps, unproductive apps, neutral apps, activity, tasks, apps and web usage, activity descriptions.

Incident Reports

View incidents with snapshot.

For Users

Users workflow.

For Managers

Task module flow for Managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to login in desktop agent?

How to open team room?

How to create department?

How to create employees?

How to update SMTP details?

How to check workdairy?

How to verify incident report?

How to add triggers?

How to create task?

Create employees report

Create department report

Create attendance report

Create performance report

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