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TeamOB - Office provides employee productivity monitoring through time tracking software. This is an end-to-end organisational intelligence tool. The primary goal of TeamOB - Office is to optimise human cost and help management to reduce expenses without compromising existing workflow.

Time Tracking





Incident alert

Track Your Work, Measure Your Efforts, Achieve Your Target

Team Scheduling

  • Plan

  • Schedule

  • Collaborate

  • Manage


  • Screen Capture

  • Webcam Capture

  • Application Tracking

  • Audio Recording

  • Face Recognition


  • Monitor

  • Control

  • Analysis

  • Virtual Workroom

  • Data Security


  • Automatic Timesheet

  • Easy Access

  • View Time

  • Actual vs Estimated

Webinar and Meetings

  • Webinar

  • Instant Meetings

  • Collaborate with team


  • Remote Attendance

  • Link Biometric

  • View In/Out

  • Overview

Performance report

  • Historical Data

  • Actual Vs Estimated

  • Billed Hours

  • Easy Navigation


  • Customize

  • Analysis

  • Intelligence

  • Managerial

  • Incident Reports

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Product Profile Limitless Possibilities

For Business

  • Productivity Monitor.

  • Monitor number of hours worked by team members.

  • Manage customers and users.

  • Produce various time tracking reports.

  • Give your customer a virtual team room.

  • Install various add-ons to manage hr, invoicing, accounting and CRM modules.

  • Calculate how many hours you spent on a project so far in one click.

  • Provide options for creating live webinar and instant meetings to connect with people.

For Users

  • Log your work. Your client can view the progress in real time using our work diary.

  • Measure your efforts on daily/weekly or monthly basis.

  • No more “guestimates” for new quotes.


  • TeamOB Office For Windows

  • TeamOB Office For Linux

  • TeamOB Office For Mac

  • TeamOB Office On Cloud

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Software To Monitor Remote Employees

    • Easy time tracking

    • Stress-free work monitoring

    • Online timesheets you can trust

    • Actual vs estimated

    • Identify performers

    • Custom reports

    • Attendance report

    • Built-in project management

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Why It is Required ?

In an average business owners spend around 40 to 60% of its operational budget on man power. Organizations seek to fill their recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible but most of time they overlook to identify the delivery capacity of existing team. This result increase in cost on organization.

Another good reason is from human resource. Employee performance is critical to the overall success of the company. Business leaders need to understand the key benefits of employee performance so that they can develop consistent and objective methods for evaluating employees. Although performance evaluations are never fun.

How It Will Help?

Organizations put more efforts to generate new business and increase profit but in comparison think less to optimize the cost and increase profitability. This happen due to lack of bottom level data not available in format of quick and useful reports. Team manager tracks all organized and unorganized work done by individual and help management to

  • Identify the capability of individual

  • View actual manpower cost vs estimated cost

  • Use the data within other systems eg HRM, CRM to generate analytical reports

  • Help individual employee to improve

  • Help management in their process to find performers

  • Optimize hiring cost



We are in BPO, Serving clients across the globe. Our major services are for law firms engaged in acquiring patent and trademarks in USA. We love the breakthrough and innovative approach that TeamOB Office has provided towards overall team management. This is one of the best time saving tool that we have ever used in the long time. Now it is easy for us to get crucial informations easily. Their support is also excellent.

Sanjivani Gautam Sanyal

SGSites, India

Absolutely love this! TeamOB helped us to monitor the team. Our productivity has doubled.

Bjorn Ove

Egoria, Norway

I run online business. I found it difficult to manage my remote and inhouse teams. Thank you very much TeamOB. You made my life more easier. We are now more organized and getting important insights in just a click.

Prashant Agrawal

Myweb, India

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