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It is now a daily basis habit to use social media during work hours. Social media really plays an important role in our lives, but when employees use social media while working, it reduces productivity. Time spent on social media is wasting business productive time, so as company's money. If employees use social media while working hours as a refreshment, it makes them work more but not the effective work. If any sad news appears on social media like Facebook, that could be disturbed and demotivate them. This simply leads to waste of the company's time.

But on the other, You cannot force employees to continue work for 9 hours with productive websites and apps. Employees can even more concentrate in their project work, if they refresh their mind by checking social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. Also, employees are using social media for their work queries. Like, they are discussing working queries with their friends for fast and better solutions. Employees use social media for sharing information, communications, web surfing.

Social media helps in learning, makes employees to freely more focus on the task work.

In short, employees balance both work and personal life.

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