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Conflict means simple disagreement between peoples.

So how do you deal with this conflicts. Or what's the reason of these conflicts may be accommodating, collaborating, avoiding and competitive. So, what's important for the employee is to not fear with these conflicts, instead face them, because that only the solution.

You can deal with below points to avoid conflicts.

Identify the problem: Try to identify the issue, and think about the conflict happened was necessary.

Handle the conflict: The meaning here is, its important for the employee to understand, that everyone has different perspective. Therefore getting on one single ground for you is necessary. Now, here if you look at certain conflicts that you encountered in the past, you will recognize that its all because lack of communications, misinformation and these create conflicts. So, here you need not wait for other person to approach you. Well, just go ahead, take that step and communicate your issues. Then understand, why he or she came up to this point. Once you understand it, then take the next step forward that is to solve the issue. And this has to be done with a very open mind. So, always approach a conflict with an open mind.

Use positive words: Always use positive words to avoid conflicts, negative words raise the conflicts.

Conquer emotions: Well, lets not the emotions control you. What happen when emotions started controlling you. You will never get a positive outcome of any conversation that you are trying to have. If you will say, "Yes, I am superior, what you will do?" this sound will harm your carrier. So, stay clam, understand the situation and control your emotions to avoid conflicts.

You need to stay clam to avoid conflicts, as conflicts is everywhere.

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