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In each field of profession, workload is always present. We cannot avoid it, but we can handle. Every project have its own milestone which needs to be done on the deadlines. The sooner the project deadlines occurs, the sooner the workload take place.

Proper work handling will make you stress free. Here are some tips to distribute work as per deadlines.

Stop feeding the monkey: Telling yourself that, "{"Oh my God! I am too busy.", "I am having overwhelmed work."}". If you feel like this, how you will allow yourself to work and survive.

Relaxation: Having stress of over workload, play music, and make your self clam first, then plan the to do list.

Exercise: Do some exercise, get some fresh air from outside, make yourself energetic.

Planning: Plan each day and list priorities task. Make to do list before starting the work. Make sure, the to do list will be finish till the end of the good day.

Limit the time: Avoid in-depth perfection but do a quality work by limiting the time for allotted tasks. That is to perform task into a feasible time. keep an eye on the clock to speed up the work. Do one task at a time.

Make your mind: Lots of work make stress and headache. To avoid this, plan in advance for the allotted work.

Focused: Focused on the task with full understanding about assigned task.

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