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Think if your office is a home place.? Wow! It is a wonderful idea, which everyone wants. If an office looks like a home environment, every employee will work with full presence of mind. Home is the only place where we relax, and think better.

Bring the fresh air and sun light inside the office rooms by opening the office windows. Keep office architecture with less between walls among the employees.

More communication between your employees will make them familiar with each other.

Some below list to manage.

Clean: Keep the office clean with good room freshener fragrances so that everyone feels happy.

Thought of the day: Maintain day to day office information board updates with a new encouraging thoughts for employees.

Calendar : Make necessary to main calendar task distribution habit, to avoid work load.

Games and music : Have some sports and musical instruments to play at certain times for the employee to rest.

Seminar: Take employee encouraging seminar weekly to get them to know how to give their collaboration in company productivity.

Birthday celebrations: Celebrate your employees birthdays.

If a company building area is large, its really easy to keep rooms for each departments like , movie theater, garden area, games rooms, music rooms can be easily managed for employees relaxation. Although it is really hard to managed by the companies having less office area. But, not to worry, you can also manage your employee happiness by redesign your office with no walls between employee and to give some corner space of the office for music instruments. Allow the office members to take a walk after lunch.

Maintain a good habit of saying "Good morning" to among each other when your employees come to the office.

Employee good health plays an important role in the company productivity.

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Use some employee tracking tools, to track your employee work, and discuss with the particular employee about their growth which will also lead to company productivity.

You can install Teamob software in your employees machine to track their work progress, which the employee can also see and encourage themselves to work more.