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To improve our-self, knowledge plays a vital role. Is it really need to introduce time tracking software with the employees? Yes, if you value your employees, its very essential to introduce the time tracking software to your employees. When employees knows that some tracker is tracking their work, they will get to know that how much work-done with the given task as tracking software increase the company as well as employee growth. Employees can easily managed the deadlines by distributing task with the employee monitoring tool.

You can educate your employee of the advantages of time tracking software. Consider below points.

Elaborate the features: Provide information about the tracking software by giving live demo. Explain how to install and login in the tracking software. Give information about the various reports generates based for user activities like attendance, performance yearly and monthly.

Visual explanation: Play video of the particular time tracking software for the employees to get them more visually familiar with the tracking software.

Regular usage: Let employee know the regularity of using time tracking software will help them in their productivity.

Feedback: Communicate with your employees and answers their each questions.

Teamob - The Time Tracking software tracks your employees each task activity. Teamob generates attendance, performance reports of employees, which employees can even see it.

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