Importance of webinar and its etiquette in the productivity

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The webinar platform is really important to meet people. The webinar is reliable. Many people share their thoughts, ask questions and interact with each other. You can put your camera on. Could be able to share your screen. Give presentations from home. So, a webinar is like, you can present one to many. In the business process, we are hiring employees who work from their native locations. To collaborate with such employees and to get introduced them to the employees who are working in the office, conducting webinar will help here.

Conducting webinars can also increase the business productivity by encouraging employees to work for the given task and to deliver on time.

Here are some etiquette and protocol of the webinar to join by attendees.

# Choose the environment where no other voice will disturb your webinar session.

# Always available to join the webinar before 5 or 10 minutes of the schedule.

# Check your devices are well functioning ahead a time.

# Wear proper formal dress for the webinar event.

# While attending the webinar, always put your camera off and audio in the mute mode.

# Concentrate to the speaker and give your contributions significant to the team group.

# Always be an active participant.

Teamob introduced the webinar feature for creating webinars. You can create webinars in Teamob with and without guests attendees also. There is a provision to set password to attend the webinars to avoid unwanted people to interfere in the webinar. On each webinar, which is created in Teamob, sends email notifications to all participants.

Teamob creates live webinar to connect with people.