How to manage the attendance of your remote employees?

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Work performance of an employee always depends on the attendance. It's really hard to manage the attendance of remote employees, as they work remotely. In such condition, we can use software which manages attendance of remote employees.

In the Teamob software, you can find feature to manage the attendance of your remote employees. Teamob Attendance Management provides option to maintenance attendance of remote employees and generate attendance report for monthly and period basis.

You can export this report as in the CSV file.

Steps to use Teamob Attendance Management:

1. Login to Teamob tool.

2. Create your remote employees.

3. Install Teamob tool in your remote employees' machines which employees uses to work.

4. On auto login mode for users.

5. On each day, the desktop login and logout time will be captured.

6. From Attendance Report, generate reports for a particular user.

7. Click on export option to download the CSV file.

Features of Teamob Attendance Management Software.

1. Check presence report of your team anywhere & anytime

2. Easy visual report to compare work time, active time and idle time

3. Excel export

4. Schedule report to receive in your inbox at specified time.

Generate Attendance Report of remote employees with Teamob