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In these days, the most important gadget in our lives is a cell phone. Because our cell phone consumes a great deal of our time. It does not matter, who you are, your phones seems to be your first priority. Its seems too precious and it's so hard to get off it. Yes, that's the real problem. Lets accept the truth, that it's really hard to get off our phones. Sometimes we make pledge like, "Ok. I am not gonna touch my phone till tomorrow." But we, just can not do it, because we needed and we are addicted to our phone. The only way, we feel connected to the world through it. So, that's the reason, we all loves our cell phones. Your family and friends can reach you at any time and for anything. Isn't that great.

No matter where you are, but what if you are at work. What's the use of cell phone at work and how should we use it. We all over use cell phone at our workplace. And it's a big No, to do this. Because, this can distract you from your work and may annoy your boss.

So, to handle cell phone in offices, turn your cell phone ringer off. If you are at presentation and your cell phone rings, that really irritates the other peoples. And if you don't want to turn off your cell phone ring completely, then just put it on silent mode or in vibrate mode. If you have cell phone at work, only use it for important calls. Now, you would wanna ask me, which calls is in an important? So, here you can check the calls of family emergencies that you must deal with it. Sometimes, we don't know that the incoming call is important. What we do in that case? Well, in that case , why don't you let the voice mail pick it up. You can let those call to forward to a voice mail pick up. So, the caller can send message to you, and you can listen them later. If your private calls come up, receive such calls at a private place, do not handle that calls on the desk.

You can also do your online shopping on cell phone at the break time, instead, on the desk at work time. In these ways, you can manage cell phone etiquette rules at the workplace.

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