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You are the boss and you have a team and your team work in an office, but now your team will go to work remotely. That's means, now you have questions like.. How do I help my team transition to remote work? How do I support my remote team? And how do I know that they are doing their work?

Here are the following ways, that you can manage your remote team.

Required Systems: Check that your remote team has redundant systems to work with.

Expectations from a remote team: Be clear with your team about your expectations of working remotely. The clearer you are, the less misunderstandings will occurs and the work will be on track. What are the expected working hours? What are the priority tasks? What kind of reporting will be required? This should questioned and answered between you and your remote team.

Conduct webinars / online meetings: Establish daily meetings with your remote team to ensure they are still connected. Use virtual technologies as much as possible to See the employee's faces and listen to responsible audio related to their work. Organize webinar sessions weekly. Communicate with your team by sending an email, instant message or by picking up the phone. Provide incentives. Show your confidence to your team by saying phrases like, "This is tough, but I know we can handle it." or "We have got this."

Trust the remote team: Do not try to micromanage your team, trust them as they are in office. Setting clear expectations at the beginning will help with this.

Maintain Performance management: Quickly resolve issues with a phone call. Allow flexibility for remote team, so that they can work according to their schedule as in such cases employees work more than expected hours. Provide regular feedback to your team. Manage a video call, audio call, instant messaging one that will connect you more closely with your remote team and stay on track.

Provide opportunities to connect with remote social interactions: People working remotely are like isolated and lonely, so communicate with them by celebrating birthdays, working anniversary.

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