How to build teamob BI report dashboard?

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Teamob BI report dashboard allows you to set the dashboard as per your setting. You can position the charts and graphs of the analytical blocks on the dashboard. You can expand the analytical blocks for proper visualization. To set the analytical block on the dashboard, simply upload the CSV file of your data and convert it into graphical form and save to the dashboard.

In the teamob BI report dashboard, you can share, save and delete your analytical dashboard blocks.

A Teamob BI report dashboard can create for management, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, service and support, procurement and IT.

Advantages of building Teamob BI report dashboard as follows.

Clear View: Teamob BI report dashboard helps you to easily overview the clear data of your organization.

Represents all reports on a single place: You can put all your generated analytical reports on the dashboard.

Get real updates time to time: With the help of teamob BI report, you can get real updates at any time.

Decision Making: Teamob BI report dashboard helps you to make quick decision that's led to productivity.


Use Teamob BI tool to generate analytical report within a click.