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How helpful it is when any software converts tabular data into graphical representations? Yes, it's really helpful when you just upload a file of tabular data and the software converts it into graphs, maps and charts in just one click.

Teamob created such software where in just one click your excel data converted into visual analytics. From upload option in the Bi - report, upload your CSV file.

Add category in which your uploaded data will show.

After data uploaded, click on search and choose your category name which was added to your uploaded data file. To select category, add the SQL query for creating graphs. You can also save your searched query. In the result, you can see all your CSV file data and on a graph, you will be able to view graphical data of the uploaded file.

On the dashboard, you can view your saved analytical data. There is also an option to share this data

Features of Teamob Bi-report

1. Upload any kind of excel sheet

2. TeamOB automatically identify bucket and save similar data in one bucket

3. Query saved data and experiment with graphs

4. Create unlimited custom dashboards

5. Create unlimited custom reports

6. Share bucket

7. Share dashboard

8. Share reports

9. Embed reports

10. Print/Email your analytical study a with team

Teamob Bi report to convert csv data into analytical