Creating remote employees work meetings with Teamob

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If you ever feel a need to convert a team conversation in a quick meeting, you can do that with Teamob. For every meeting, it's really important to assign a role to the meeting organizer. In Teamob, admin can create remote employees work meetings of the respective department.

Teamob now provided the option to create instant meetings with the selective employees. In Teamob, create instant meetings are having the option to create meetings for days of month at a time for a particular time period. Or you can create a meeting for a single day too. For each created meeting, Teamob sends email notification for the selected days of the month. Employees can also connect these meetings to google calendar as a reminder.

Virtual instant meetings also play an important role in business productivity. As everyday scrum meetings can engage you and your employees to get updates of the projects going on.

Teamob creates instant meetings to collaborate with employees.