3 Reasons Employees Should Embrace Using a Time Tracking Software

Are you a business owner dwindling with the idea of whether or not to purchase the right time tracking software for your business? Is the concept of being at odds with your employees driving you to question the need to implement the best time tracking software at the office?

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Understanding the Step-by-Step Evolution of Business Intelligence & Visual

Companies have depended on business intelligence reporting (BI)—the tools and activities used to evaluate company data and turn it into actionable insights—increasingly in recent years to make better-informed and more valued decisions.

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How to use teamob BI Report to increase productivity?

The Teamob Business Intelligence Report is the use of your data to make intelligent business decisions. For example, we have more projects delivery then usual project completed within a month, in these cases, with the help of a teamob BI report, we will focus firstly on the projects those are about to complete to improve productivity.

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How to manage the attendance of your remote employees?

Work performance of an employee always depends on the attendance. It's really hard to manage the attendance of remote employees, as they work remotely. In such condition, we can use software which manages attendance of remote employees. In the Teamob software, you can find feature to manage the attendance of your remote employees.

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Is remote work beneficial for your company's productivity?

The Work done by employees from home or any other place is actually beneficial for clients and employees as well. You can say that remote employees can be very productive for the team. Well, the major benefits of working remotely are fewer meetings means your team member has more time for focusing on meaning full and important project works.

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Introduce time tracking to your employees

Is it really need to introduce time tracking software with the employees? Yes, if you value your employees, its very essential to introduce the time tracking software to your employees. When employees knows that some tracker is tracking their work they will get to know that how much work-done with the given task as tracking software increase growth.

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What is the role of time tracking in software development?

The Time tracking software is a cornerstone of business world. It helps the developers keep on track of their work and time. Even though we hate them, deadlines are a reality, and it is necessary to complete a project on the time. Time monitoring software help to set completion deadlines for the developer.

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The Perfect Way to Introduce Attendance Management Systems for Your Remote Teams

With remote work taking precedence over the last year and a half, there’s been plenty of room for the fluidity of work. However, with this day in and out subjecting oneself to remote working, it can be hard to ascertain one’s productivity and keeping a steady head on one’s shoulders trying to stay on top of deadlines.

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