NOVEMBER 18, 2020

Think if your office is a home place? Wow! It has a wonderful idea, which everyone wants. If an office looks like a home environment, every employee will work with full presence of mind. Home is the only place where we relax, and think better.

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OCTOBER 27, 2020

Is it really need to introduce time tracking software with the employees? Yes, if you value your employees, its very essential to introduce the time tracking software to your employees. When employees knows that some tracker is tracking their work

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

It is now a daily basis habit to use social media during work hours. Social media really plays an important role in our lives, but when employees use social media while working, it reduces productivity. Time spent on social media is wasting business productive time, so as company's money.

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NOVEMBER 11, 2020

Conflict means simple disagreement between peoples. So how do you deal with this conflicts. Or whats the reason of these conflicts may be accommodating, collaborating, avoiding and competitive.

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OCTOBER 11, 2020

In each field of profession, workload is always present. We cannot avoid it, but we can handle. Every project have its own milestone which needs to be done on the deadlines. The sooner the project deadlines occurs, the sooner the workload take place.

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

Employee happiness is the main factor for building the company's productivity. To keep the growth of the company stable, it is necessary to keep the employees motivated. For motivating employees, you can change leadership behavior to motivate employees.

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