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TeamOB Offer a set of tools to successfully set up and manage your remote team. We are committed to helping you stay focused, plan effectively, optimize cost and generate more revenue in your business. Our solutions to automate common business workflow, data analysis, and business intelligence help organizations to get more in one place.



Team monitoring & data analysis using time tracking software

  • Data capture using screenshot, webcam, keyboard hits and offline sources

  • Productivity Monitoring

  • Task Scheduling

  • Online Timesheets

  • Data Security

  • Audio Recording

  • Face Recognition

  • Webinar and Meetings

  • Offline document upload and analysis

  • AD Integration

Easy to use analytical dashboard

  • Collect data from excel sheet or link with your application system

  • Find easy answers to hard questions

  • Create custom dashboard & reports

  • Share, embed dashboard & reports with stack holders


Create live webinar and instant meetings to connect with team.

  • Webinar

  • Meetings among team members

  • Chat and share files with members

  • Speakers stats

Manage attendance of your remote employees.

  • Check presence report of your team anywhere & anytime

  • Easy visual report to compare work time, active time and idle time

  • Excel export

  • Schedule report to receive in your inbox at specified time.


Text, Audio, Video Calls with Screen Share

  • Connect your team members over text, audio & video calls

  • Team group calls

  • Take screen of your team members

  • Keep all the files and data on your own device.

  • Available for windows, linux, mac, android & iphone devices.

Screen Share with Team Members

  • Easily take access of your team members computer.

  • File transfer


IT Inventory

Reduce IT support costs

  • Account for All Your IT Assets with Easy Discovery and Scanning Techniques

  • Enhanced Scanning Techniques. No More Missed Assets.

  • Discover all your Windows,Ubuntu & Mac machines

  • Automatic Inventory For Software, OS & Processors

  • Find out devices with open wifi security.

Billing and inventory management system.

  • Works on cloud

  • Works offline for sales process and data synchronize in background.

  • Inventory management

  • Simple accounting

  • Petty cash

  • Cashiers & Managers

  • Reports

  • Multi User





We are in BPO, Serving clients across the globe. Our major services are for law firms engaged in acquiring patent and trademarks in USA. We love the breakthrough and innovative approach that TeamOB Office has provided towards overall team management. This is one of the best time saving tool that we have ever used in the long time. Now it is easy for us to get crucial informations easily. Their support is also excellent.

Sanjivani Gautam Sanyal

SGSites, India

Absolutely love this! TeamOB helped us to monitor the team. Our productivity has doubled.

Bjorn Ove

Egoria, Norway

I run online business. I found it difficult to manage my remote and inhouse teams. Thank you very much TeamOB. You made my life more easier. We are now more organized and getting important insights in just a click.

Prashant Agrawal

Myweb, India

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5 Reasons Time Tracking Software is Critical to Business Success

1. TeamOB - Time tracking software shows how much deliverable cost your business to complete

Time tracking is key to understanding how you spend your time, personally and in business. It is key to productivity, insight, and a healthy workflow. This is equally important to everybody in an organisation, or society, in general. Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or a team member, keeping track of your time is paramount.

For individual employees, the insights they get from time tracking can often be an eye-opener. How much of your time do you spend, browsing the web, looking through your inbox, or trying to find that one document in a pile of folders? These are often viewed as minor daily activities, but accumulated, they are probably some of the most time-consuming non-billable activities in your workweek. Time tracking tools also provide the bigger picture for employees. They are able to look back at their workloads and optimize productivity where needed, while also keeping tabs on what everyone else has been doing.

2. Identify resources demand within your organisation

Time tracking is a key to measure resource utilization. It shows whether a department needs more resources, in terms of workforce or other inputs, and it gives you insights on who brings the most value to the team. This is crucial information for the team and the organization as a whole. It could be that one person does most of the work. In that situation, maybe something needs to be changed in order to bring everybody to the same level, e.g., redistribution or sharing of responsibility and workload.

3. Tracking how the budget gets burned

Using time tracking and automatic timesheet you don’t have to take any extra steps to calculate how much of the budget has already been consumed. You just need to make sure to keep eye on man hour

4. Provide visibility to management to know when employees can take on additional work task

It is your responsibility to check whether your employees are overworking for a project. As customer quality projects fully dependent on the employees work. If they overwork that may also affect their focus on the given task with results on the low quality of client project work.

You can track all the employees day log and then assign some task to the employees who can help the team having a workload of project to complete that project in given time along with a quality. These will make employees happy and make them focus efficiently on their projects.

5. Use time tracking data to see where your team can improve overall efficiency and productivity

When time tracking becomes a part of your business, you can start identifying themes in how work is getting done. you can see how efficient (or inefficient) your workflows are, allowing you to work with your team on increasing their productivity. Time tracking is about making good business decisions about deliverables, resource management, and overall productivity of your staff. And as you consistently track time, your organization will become even better at identifying areas of opportunity to make you more successful.

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